Whether you manage a rental building or community, manage portfolios for investors, or are a self-managed landlord, we have simple & affordable subscriptions for all types of property managers.

No Hidden Fees

Onboarding Included

Free Training 

Dedicated Support Professional

Easy Monthly Payment

Discounted Annual Pricing Available

Monthly Subscription
$6 - $599/mo
Depending on volume of units
1 months
$9.99 USD Monthly payment


Pay or Quit Notice Processing: $10 Mailed / $40 Posted

Eviction Filing (uncontested): $175 flat fee plus costs

What's included in your subscription?

Tenant Communication / Negotiation Tool
Customizable Late Rent Tolerance Profile
Automated Alerts to Tenants
Rent Collection Paid to Your Bank Account
Create & Execute Settlement Agreements
Pay or Quit Notice Generator
Integration with Property Management Software
Dashboard & Analytics
Pay or Quit Delivery
Posted: $40 / Mailed: $10
Eviction Processing
$175 flat fee + court costs
(depends on county)

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