Frequently Asked Questions

Who is RentCaddy designed for and what makes it different?

Landlords and Property Managers that are tired of their time, and their profits, being consumed by late and non-paying tenants. RentCaddy is here to take over the money conversations, to gauge the tenants’ willingness and ability to pay, and to resolve the rent delinquency. Our AI-driven communication tool finally allows Landlords and Property Managers to seek alternative solutions to eviction in an automated manner, mitigating costs and losses with maximum efficiency yet without any personal effort. 

Can I use RentCaddy for commercial properties as well?

Currently, our platform is only for residential properties, but we are looking into adding functionality for commercial properties in the near future.

How can I add units and tenants to RentCaddy’s platform?

There are a few ways to add your units and tenants:

(1)  You can add each individually by using our Wizard, with a step-by-step guide.
(2)  Directly sync from your Property Management Software. If you don’t see yours as an option contact us.
(3) Upload a .CSV based on our template.

What is the Late Rent Tolerance Profile?

Upon signing up we will ask you a serious of questions that will customize the framework for our interactions with your tenant.

How do you collect rent from tenants?

Getting the rent owed is the main priority and as such it is imperative to offer your tenants the most amount of ways to pay the rent while also being able to effectively track when and how much they paid. That’s why we offer not just ACH payments, and debit and credit card payments, but also cash payments, 24/7, in over 27,000 participating retail locations (CVS Pharmacy, 7/11, Dollar Family, ACE Cash Express and Casey’s General Store). Regardless of how your tenants choose to pay we will directly post the funds to your bank account, at no additional charge to you.

How does the pricing work?

Pricing is dependent on the number of units you own or manage. Please visit the Pricing page to see how much your monthly subscription costs and what it includes.

How do I contact customer service?

You can send us a message by filling out a form on the Contact Us page. You can also call us 786 - 563 - 9051, Monday-Friday from 9am-5pm EST.

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