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Your Tenant Delinquency Toolbox

RentCaddy is the only communication tool between Landlords/Property Managers and Tenants to provide alternative resolutions to eviction in an automated manner, free of human emotion and preconceptions.

Negotiation Tool
Our AI-driven bot gauges a tenant’s ability and willingness to pay rent. We will negotiate resolution methods on your behalf based on your Late Rent Tolerance Profile, leaving you time to take care of more pressing matters!
Rent Collection
RentCaddy offers the option of collecting rent on your behalf to ensure tenant compliance. Once payment is collected, we will deposit the funds directly to your account at no additional charge.
Pay or Quit Notice Generation
& Processing
We offer Pay or Quit Notice generator and processing options to best sync with your business practices and state regulations. Opt to have us post or mail it, or if you prefer to post it yourself and notify us, that’s OK too!
Dashboard & Analytics
Stay up to date with the status of delinquent payments, tenant negotiations and eviction cases with our intuitive analytics dashboard. Always know where things stand.
Eviction Processing
If rent is not paid and a resolution beneficial to you is not achieved, we offer the lowest rate eviction filing services. For a $175 flat fee, our system will comply with state regulations to expedite the eviction process. If you prefer to use your own lawyer, you can still track your evictions through our dashboard.

Meet RentCaddy

Seasoned Real Estate investors, marketers, technologists & entrepreneurs joined forces to create the modern solution for tenant delinquency.

Gaston Derchi
Matti Marshak
Veronica Peña
Lead UX/UI Designer
Mark Main
Venture Associate
Amanda Vasco
Marketing Manager
Matias Lirman
Full-Stack Developer
Tigre Weinrich
Rafael Valdivia
JP Cappello