Rent delinquency

RentCaddy is an automated and customizable platform that saves you time and money when dealing with nonpaying tenants.


Protect Investment

Save Time & Effort

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Mitigate losses

from non-paying tenants.

Should your tenant become delinquent on rent, RentCaddy is here to mitigate losses so that you can go back to having paying, problem-free tenants in the unit. We’ll handle recovering the rent you’re owed or regaining possession of your property– it’s your call!


How should you handle

late-paying tenants?

As a landlord it is your right to evict a tenant for non-payment of rent, but is it in your best interest? While in some cases an eviction may not be avoided, there are many instances that choosing an interest-based resolution can provide you with clear economic benefits.

RentCaddy is the only rent delinquency solution that seeks alternative resolutions to eviction in an automated manner, free of human emotion and preconceptions.

RentCaddy offers a customizable platform that allows you to choose the way you prefer to handle late paying tenants, and we'll execute it for you!


The Modern Solution to Tenant Delinquency

We offer multiple, completely customizable solutions that will be tailored to create your Late Rent Tolerance Profile. As soon as tenants become late on rent, our system is triggered and our AI chat bot automatically engages with tenants on your behalf.


Why hasn't the tenant paid? Are they just avoiding to pay, or have they legitimately encountered a hardship? Is it temporary or long term? Gauging tenants' ability and willingness to pay is critical in deciding how to proceed. Our AI-bot will automatically do that for you, so you don't have to guess or assume the worst of your tenants and avoid unnecessary back and forth and confrontations.


First and foremost, your goal is to collect what's owed to you and we'll work tirelessly to help you achieve it. We offer your tenants the most amount of ways to pay their rent while effectively tracking when and how much they paid.


If rent is not collected on time, we'll provide recommendations as to the best course of action to avoid consuming your time or increasing your losses. Depending on your Late Rent Tolerance Profile and your tenants' ability and willingness to cooperate, that could mean a payment plan or some other form of resolution. If achieved, and applicable, our platform can automatically generate and digitally execute settlement agreements.

Evict Tenant

While it's in everyone's best interest to reach a resolution, sometimes you're left with no other choice but to evict the tenant. RentCaddy is here to help you through each step of the process with the ability to track the progress in real-time on our dashboard. You may choose to continue negotiating with them for payment or quick departure through our platform.


What people are saying about us?

"Before RentCaddy, I had no idea how much money I was really losing with evictions. I honestly thought mediation was a lost cause that wouldn’t help me recuperate money from tenants. Not only did RentCaddy get me my money by contacting the tenant on my behalf, but they also took the time to help me understand why evictions should be the last resort. Now I’m not ridden with anxiety whenever a tenant doesn’t pay. I know RentCaddy has my back.”

- Peter Stein, Landlord of 30+ investment properties

“The beginning of the month is always hectic between getting payments in, trying to figure out who has or hasn't paid rent, and then dealing with the non-paying renters. Chasing after the non-payers gets tedious, and frankly (after about the 10th one) I'm in no mood to deal with anyone else. RentCaddy has taken away the grunt work and allowed me to focus on growing my portfolio of clients and units. Couldn't recommend them enough.”

- Anthony Porter, Property Manager for 280-unit investment portfolio

“Our process of dealing with late paying tenants was simple. If on the 3rd day the tenant didn't pay, we generated a demand letter. If we still didn’t receive payment we would start eviction proceedings. It just wasn't possible to review each individual tenant so it made sense to approach it systematically. With RentCaddy, we have increased the chances of getting paid.”

- Michelle Deering, Property Manager for 570-unit building


Passive income they said, right? Well, a rental property can be just that. Let RentCaddy protect your cash flow while you do more of  the things you love.

Property Managers

Focus on growing your business and other more important tasks rather than chasing non-paying tenants.